14th December 2018

How to achieve inner balance

Inner balance takes work and maintenance

How to achieve inner balance (c) KarinSieger.com
How to achieve inner balance (c) KarinSieger.com

Inner balance is an enigma: so elusive,  frustrating and elating. We all need it. And we all want it.

Inner balance is

  • fragile, yet it gives us strength;
  • physical, mental, emotional, spiritual;
  • not permanent and changes with us.

We have ways of finding inner balance, keeping it and strengthening it.

We can have it, and before we know it, it is gone again.

Inner balance feels great, when we have it, but it takes work and maintenance.

Sometimes, we can sense instantly when our inner balance has started to leak away.

At other times, we can carry on for a very long time without inner balance and even ignore it.

Our balance is individual to us. It changes over time, and change can be unpredictable.

We all have thresholds of carrying on without sufficient inner balance. We all have ways of managing.

What affects our inner balance?

People, families, work, circumstances, the weather, money, spirituality, responsibilities, health, politics, art, nature, seasons, love, fear, hate, creativity, procrastination, food, self medication, sports, sex, music, religion, beliefs, ethics, mindfulness, meditation, therapy – I could go on – they all affect our balance. Some are more helpful than others.

There are consequences to whatever we do or don’t to keep our inner balance.

Some times in our lives are more challenging than others.

At times the cards we are dealt are very though, indeed; at other times the cards we are dealt are feather-light pure bliss.

One important key to inner balance:

Embrace two realities and act accordingly:

  • Inner balance is a living thing and a process that we can shape. Balance is at the heart of our well being, and we should not take that for granted. There is no blue print, and it is our responsibility to figure it out.
  • Intuition and gut feeling is our radar that scans for im-balances. It is a very special tool, which relies on self awareness: knowing what triggers our loss of balance, and what are helpful activities and life style choices that help nourish and replenish lost balance.

Not trusting or ignoring our intuitive scanner will ultimately leave us vulnerable and disempowered.

To be able to live in peace, inner balance is one big balancing act we need to try and manage well.

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