15th January 2019
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Coping with cancer

Coping with Anxiety

How to cope with nightmares

4th January 2019

How to cope with nightmares? Befriend them and take charge. Nightmares have a story to tell. Fear can distract us from hearing the message. We all have them. Nightmares can leave us frightened and disturbed, sweating and out of [READ MORE]

Can news damage your health?

4th January 2019

News can damage your health. That’s what I am told by a lot of people who have quit news. I have not stopped listening to the news, but I have changed the way I do it. And here is why. [READ MORE]

Dear Karin – How do I calm my anxiety?

12th January 2019

Would you like to send in a question? Visit the “Dear Karin” submission page here and please read the guidelines first. Dear Karin, What do you think is the quickest way to calm your anxiety down? Sheila (5th January 2019)   [READ MORE]

How to cope with panic attacks

4th January 2019

We all have the ability to develop panic attacks. This is nothing to be ashamed of. It is normal and can happen under certain conditions, when we are overwhelmed by fear.  What to do? [READ MORE]

About Being in therapy

Letter to my dead therapist

4th August 2018

A letter to my dead therapist was one way of coping with his sudden death, when there was no chance to say good bye, no place to go to grief, no-one to talk to. The death of a therapist can [READ MORE]

Why CBT alone does not help in a crisis.

17th April 2018

CBT (or cognitive behavioural therapy) did not help me in a crisis. While it is a valid type of therapy and counselling, which at times I integrate into my own work as a therapist, it did not help me [READ MORE]