20th January 2019
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Coping with cancer

My Cancer Is Not Your Cancer

4th May 2016

If you are affected by cancer (including relatives and friends) you will soon find, that other people affected by cancer are in a similar yet also very different boat – my cancer is not your cancer. The cancer experience and [READ MORE]

The impact of cancer on family and friends

3rd November 2018

You do not need to have cancer to be impacted by the disease. What to expect when someone you know is diagnosed with cancer? When someone is diagnosed with cancer, relatives and friends are often the forgotten ones. If [READ MORE]

Dandileons and my cancer anniversary

5th May 2016

No. As far as I know, dandelions do not cause or cure cancer. This is a different kind of  tale – about seasons in nature and seasons in the cancer journey, about anniversaries and memories. A tale that is [READ MORE]

Coping with Anxiety

How to cope with nightmares

4th January 2019

How to cope with nightmares? Befriend them and take charge. Nightmares have a story to tell. Fear can distract us from hearing the message. We all have them. Nightmares can leave us frightened and disturbed, sweating and out of [READ MORE]

Feeling shocked by tragedy

4th January 2019

It can be shocking and surreal – being part of an ordinary day, while tragedies are happening around us; near or far away – attacks, murders, terror, hate, fear, helplessness… It can affect us emotionally and we need to take [READ MORE]

Dear Karin – How do I calm my anxiety?

19th January 2019

Would you like to send in a question? Visit the “Dear Karin” submission page here and please read the guidelines first. Dear Karin, What do you think is the quickest way to calm your anxiety down? Sheila (5th January 2019)   [READ MORE]

About Being in therapy

Therapists are mortals, too

29th October 2018

Some years ago I found a lump in my right breast. In the week between tests and diagnosis I prepared a contingency plan, not for me but for my clients. My intuition told me this was cancer and, if [READ MORE]

What’s the use of cancer counselling?

29th October 2018

Cancer affects the whole person – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I firmly believe in the role therapy can play in an integrated approach to cancer treatment. However, it is not uncommon for people (with or with no cancer) to [READ MORE]

Why CBT alone does not help in a crisis.

17th April 2018

CBT (or cognitive behavioural therapy) did not help me in a crisis. While it is a valid type of therapy and counselling, which at times I integrate into my own work as a therapist, it did not help me [READ MORE]