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Whether you need a break, have some spare time, or have something specific on your mind. Listen to my Podcast programmes: ‘Soul Cravings’ or ‘Cancer and You’.


Soul Cravings offers down-to-earth talk, interviews, reflections, motivation, advice and experiences of our emotional needs: those we all crave – love, certainty, understanding, health, hope, motivation, inspiration, direction and more. We may also crave things that are not good for us or others. And I talk about that, too.

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<strong>PODCAST 'CANCER AND YOU'</strong>

My podcast ‘Cancer and You’ is for anyone affected by cancer, including family, friends, colleagues, medical professionals etc. I focus on the emotional and mental impact of cancer throughout the experience of the illness, provide down-to-earth talk, interviews with patient advocates and others, advice and share some of my own experiences.

Below is a selection of episodes. Scroll down for the full list.

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  1. Thank you Karin. I listened to several of the podcasts I hadn’t caught up on over the last few days. Especially helpful was the resentment episode and creative writing. The “skill” of living with negative emotions hit home – my buried resentment for my mom and dad for leaving when I was very young gave me a terrible feeling of abandonment. It turned into an anger which I thought I’d rid myself of, but I had not. I work on it each day with meditation and writing down what I am grateful for or just thinking about it each morning. I ask my husband what he’s grateful for and he names things and people like I do in turn, and it starts the day off much more positively. I even think my cancer had something to do with the physical manifestation of that sadness and resentment. It’s not easy, but it’s possible to rid oneself of resentment and anger. You’re spot on regarding it being about others and not ourselves when it’s about our own expectations of other people.

    • Dear Ilene, thank you for listening and taking the time to comment on my podcasts. Yes, I find dealing (and living with) resentment is an ongoing process. Some days are better and easier than others. With my very best wishes for you. Karin

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