20th January 2020
5 ways to help you relax (c) Karinsieger.com
Working it out

5 ways to help you relax

2nd August 2019 Karin Sieger

We all need to relax! But how? There are so many suggestions and advice that the idea of relaxing can become stressful. What to do? Can you relax? Is it easy or difficult, or does it depend and vary [READ MORE]

7 key steps towards living in peace (c) KarinSieger.com
Motivating and Inspiring

Living in Peace – 7 Key Steps

17th July 2019 Karin Sieger

Living in peace is an attitude and way of life, which can help us live well and with purpose, even during difficult times. It means we are at peace with who we are and have developed positive coping mechanisms for times of personal crisis. What is the “living in peace” attitude? And how does it work? [READ MORE]

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