14th December 2018
Practical steps for coping with nightmares (c) KarinSieger.com
Working it out

How to cope with nightmares

29th November 2018 Karin Sieger

How to cope with nightmares? Befriend them and take charge. Nightmares have a story to tell. Fear can distract us from hearing the message. We all have them. Nightmares can leave us frightened and disturbed, sweating and out of [READ MORE]

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Some of your Feedback

22nd November 2018 Karin Sieger

I am grateful for all the kind feedback on my writing and videos. It makes it all worthwhile.  THANK YOU Below is a selection of unsolicited comments. Featured image by Geralt in Pixabay    

Working it out

Feeling shocked by tragedy

7th November 2018 Karin Sieger

It can be shocking and surreal – being part of an ordinary day, while tragedies are happening around us; near or far away – attacks, murders, terror, hate, fear, helplessness… It can affect us emotionally and we need to take [READ MORE]

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