18th November 2018
Working it out

Feeling shocked by tragedy

7th November 2018 Karin Sieger

It can be shocking and surreal – being part of an ordinary day, while tragedies are happening around us; near or far away – attacks, murders, terror, hate, fear, helplessness… It can affect us emotionally and we need to take [READ MORE]

How to achieve inner balance (c) KarinSieger.com
Working it out

How to achieve inner balance

29th October 2018 Karin Sieger

Inner balance is an enigma: so elusive,  frustrating and elating. We all need it. And we all want it. Inner balance is fragile, yet it gives us strength; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual; not permanent and changes with us. We have [READ MORE]

Decluttering: Clothes and Memories (c) KarinSieger.com
Motivating and Inspiring

Decluttering clothes and memories

29th October 2018 Karin Sieger

When I saw my old clothes in the second-hand charity shop my heart cried. Old memories and feelings started flooding back, and I even felt disloyal. Had the decluttering gone too far? Are you good at decluttering or do [READ MORE]

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