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  1. Thank you Karen. What types of insurance do you take. I am on Medicare with blue cross supplementary. I need to know where I can get some of the cream and I have not done any exercise except on a cane to see the doctor. Thank you for your helped. I was lying on my bed reaching out to Cod.

    • Hi Clarion, I do not work directly with insurance companies. Regards the cream and exercises, this is based on my own patient experience. As a psychotherapist these are not services I provide myself. You would need to speak to a herbalist / naturpath or the like regards the cream and to a physiotherapist about exercises that may be helpful for your own circumstances. I hope this helps. Best wishes. Karin

    • Dear Clarion, it took about a year and during that time the problem gradually faded. Since then I have had further chemo and had a cream made up privately that aids blood circulation in my hands and feet. I walk a lot and do tendon and finger tip exercises for blood circulation. You can buy “theraputty” online, which is a putty used in physiotherapy. During second chemo the putty exercises (eg squeezing between my fingers) also helped. I think everyone is different. Don’t give up, experiment and keep an open mind. With very best wishes. Karin

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