20th July 2019

Cancer Counselling

Help with the emotional and mental impact of cancer

1. Cancer counselling – what’s the point?

You may think, talking about it doesn’t make cancer go away.

To some cancer counselling may look futile. To others it is an essential outlet for difficult emotions, and a place where to make sense of what is happening and to decide on difficult choices.

2. Support for you – wherever you are and wherever you are at

I can offer you support wherever you are – online via Zoom, via email or in person from my office in Richmond, West London. You can opt for one off consultations or more regular support.

Cancer counselling is for people affected by cancer (including family and friends) throughout all stages of the cancer experience.

During a diagnosis process and before confirmation of a cancer diagnosis: I can help you deal with the fears and prepare for potential scenarios.

After diagnosis: I can assist you in coping with the emotional impact, provide some grounding and help you think through helpful coping strategies for what may lie ahead.

During treatment: I can help you through treatment difficulties (eg needle phobia, fear of intravenous chemotherapy / scans / radiotherapy), treatment side effects (eg hair loss, body image issues following a mastectomy, lymphoedema, early menopause, low sex drive or impotence) and cancer feelings like anxiety attacks, depression, anger, hopelessness and more.

After treatment: I can assist you with shaping your life with or beyond cancer, fears around check-up times and more.

Cancer recurrence: Together we can work through the impact of this news and choices you want to make for your treatment and the rest of your life.

Terminal cancer: I can help you with making practical choices for your life and support you in preparing for dying, whenever that may be. Often this consists of practical issues as well as finding inner peace.

3. Support for you with emotions and decisions

I am experienced in support with common cancer related emotions include: fear (of treatment, life, death), loneliness, guilt, anger, loss of self confidence, irritability, stress, depression, hopelessness, relationship problems and suicidal thoughts.

Family and friends, colleagues and employers also turn to cancer counselling, as they can also find themselves under emotional strain when most of the attention (understandably so) is on the person with cancer.

4. What I can offer you

In working with you I have four goals:

  • To offer you a safe and non-judgmental space where you can say frankly what is on your mind.
  • To help you understand and process the feelings and chaos you might be experiencing.
  • To work with you on deciding what you want to do and what is good for you.
  • To help you stay motivated and an active participant in whatever is happening.

While I have been treated for cancer myself, I am respectful of the fact that everyone has their own experience and view on things. I aim to be open, welcoming, flexible, transparent, pro-active and down to earth.

5. Practical Points

My fees are as follows:

In person: £75 (50 mins)

Online: £90 (60 mins), £135 (90 mins)

One off consultations in person or online: £195 (120 mins + 30 mins follow up call)

Email support: £90 (one off), £80 (weekly)

At a first meeting, whether in person or online, we would find out more about each other, to see whether I offer the right support and whether you would like to work with me. We would agree the number of sessions / emails you may need (including short-term counselling to help you with a particular issue). You are always welcome to return again at a later stage.

If you are family or a friend, then also look here.

For more practical information visit Therapy with Karin.

6. What Next?

Contact me in confidence to see how I may be able to help, or arrange a first meeting. Please specify in your email that you are interested on cancer counselling.


7. Check out my podcast “Cancer and You”

Browse, listen to, download and keep episodes of my podcast “Cancer in You” – down to earth talk and support with the emotional impact of cancer. Look HERE.

8. Are you Creative Despite Cancer?

If that is you, whether you write, paint, do crafts etc, whether you make a living from it or not, I offer to publicise creativity by people affected by cancer for free on this website. For more information look here.

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