Breast density and patient advocacy – in conversation with Siobhán Freeney

"Cancer and You" podcast episode

Siobhán Freeney

Ever wondered about breast density or what patient advocacy is all about?

In this episode of my podcast ‘Cancer And You’ I am delighted to bring to you my conversation with breast density advocate Siobhán Freeney. We cover 2 important topics:

Part 1 (first 18 minutes): Breast density matters – whether you have breast cancer or not! Because breast density can make it hard for tumours to show up on mammograms. Siobhán explains why, and how to get the information you need.

Part 2 (18 minutes onwards):  How do you get into advocacy – for yourself or others? Siobhán shares with us her personal path and top tips.


Siobhán Freeney is a patient advocate for awareness of Mammographic Breast Density and the relevance of Supplemental Breast screening Ultrasound and MRI for women with Dense Breasts. In 2016 she founded She also has a particular interest around Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer and liaises regularly with Breast Cancer researchers, associations, attends PPI conferences and seminars.  Siobhán is a member of the Susan G Komen Advocates in Science program-AIS. She maintains a strong presence on social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook.





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  1. I reblogged this on the – an excellent interview of someone I share a great passion of educating women about that most are not even aware they have and the higher percent of women who have dense breasts who develop breast cancer and secondary cancer. Thank you for your focused podcast on this important topic!

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