20th January 2020
When childhood memories still hurt (c) KarinSieger.com
Family & Relationships

Childhood Memories That Still Hurt Today

1st April 2019 Karin Sieger

Childhood memories can vary. There are plenty or few. We may welcome them or avoid them. They can be uplifting or shatter our spirit. Whatever our age, some childhood memories can still feel painful and real. What to do? “What is your [READ MORE]

Your death touches my mortality (c) KarinSieger.com
Coping with loss

Your death touches my mortality

31st December 2016 Karin Sieger

The death of people we do not know personally can still affect us in many ways. It can touch our mortality. The death of the BBC’s Komla Dumor, aged 41, in January 2014 affected me in many ways. And [READ MORE]