19th June 2019
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19th June 2019 Karin Sieger

Welcome to my website, which provides access to the services I offer. I am a BACP accredited and registered psychotherapist, writer and podcast host based in London, UK, and offer support locally or globally – in person, online or via [READ MORE]

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Articles and videos

3rd January 2019 Karin Sieger

On my website you will find free access to motivational articles and videos about our human feelings, dilemmas, making sense of them and living well with them. I do not teach and I do not preach. I write from [READ MORE]

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31st July 2017 Karin Sieger

I am Karin Sieger, a psychotherapist and writer based in London, UK. With my work I aim to help, inspire and challenge. I hope you will find some useful thoughts here for your own journey.