19th June 2019

Workshops with Karin

Workshops with Karin Sieger

Workshops with Karin Sieger (c) KarinSieger.com

I offer a range of  weekend workshops from my therapy practice in Richmond, West London.

To find out more and reserve your space on forthcoming courses, please drop me a line.

1. Cancer Counselling Workshop 

Latest info here

2. Setting up your private therapy / counselling business

Latest info, video and to book your place here

3. Telling your story

Help with developing your own creative expression, which can be therapeutic and help process issues, explore new choices and aid your personal development.

4. Endings, letting go and moving on.

Help with developing your own way of closure. Preparing for loss and change or dealing with loss that has already happened (e.g. death, relationships, work).

5. The emotional challenges of expat life: What to expect, how to prepare and cope.

For people leaving the UK, or those who have moved to the UK.  Separate workshops available in German for German-speaking expats.

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