18th July 2019

Featuring wellbeing practitioners: Annette Boden

Annette Boden

I am pleased to introduce you to Annette Boden.

As a fully qualified integrative UK-based psychotherapist, Annette uses a wide range of techniques, including Hypnosis, mindfulness, Solution focused Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Counselling, and compassion-focused cognitive approaches. She incorporates a range of psychological philosophies, with a particular focus on Positive Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, and Compassion focused Therapy.

MSc, BSc (Hons) Psychology, MBPsS, FNSHP, Adv.Dip THP (N-SHAP), Adv. Dip (NCHP).

Appointments in Cheshire and the High Peak, via Skype, UK-based events

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Specialist interests

Anxiety is Annette’s specialist area of expertise and interest. She covers all issues connected , including anxiety during pregnancy, bereavement related anxiety phobias, public speaking fears, panic attacks, generalised anxiety, OCD, Stress management, performance enhancement and achievement; confidence, self-esteem, Alcohol problems, Insomnia, Motivation, Chronic fatigue & Fibromyalgia.

Workshops & Courses

Annette facilitates day and weekend mindfulness and self-compassion retreats.

Mindfulness and compassion-focused courses and workshops for ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia/stress management/Eating well/Sleeping well.

Self -care core skills (incorporating mindfulness and self-compassion) helping people to form healthy habits and strategies for eating well, exercising, sleeping well, and getting the work-life balance right.

Compassionate and effective communication – working as a team, valuing ourselves and the work we do so we can ‘own our contribution’, acknowledging our own and each -other’s achievements, recognising and respecting individual differences.

The official 9-session MSC programme

The adapted 4-week introduction to Mindful self-compassion approaches to well-being.

Mindfulness at work – an introduction to mindfulness and applying it at work.

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