14th December 2018

A word on voluntary donations

Why I have added a “voluntary contributions button” to my website.

Dear visitor,

You may be a returning visitor, or this is your first time here, you may be familiar with my work and background or not.

In any case, I think it important to provide some information about why I have decided to add a voluntary contributions / donation button to my website.

Personal and professional ethics are very important to me. This is why I have given this step considerable thought. I have also noticed, that it is not uncommon among other bloggers, educators etc.

My writing and videos are my way of giving back to our society, and done in the hope that I may help others on their path towards healing, meaning, happiness and peace. Over time I may add other projects.

While this site also advertises the paid work I do as a therapist, my articles and videos are by no means intended (or needed) to advertise my paid services or grow my client base. Indeed, I have reduced my private practice in order to focus more on this work.

While this is my free choice, I have also recognised that I need to walk the walk and talk the talk where self care and self worth is concerned. Hence my decision to add a ‘donation button’ to my site.

Be reassured:

  • The transactions (including cards) are handled by PayPal and I have no access to any of your personal details.
  • All donations are gratefully received and you can choose whatever amount works for you.
  • Contributions are used to cover my costs for related hard and software.

Please note that donations do not constitute any agreement, contract or commitment on my part to offer individual, preferential treatment, favours or services of any kind.

Whether you choose to make a donation or not, my commitment to this work and my audience remains truthful, authentic and based on care for all our wellbeing.

If you wish to make a donation, then this link here will take you through to PayPal.

With gratitude.

Karin Sieger

8th April 2018

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