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If you would like to make a voluntary donation towards the free support I offer, then you can do so using the PayPal button below.

But I would also like you to know:

While donation buttons are not uncommon among bloggers, educators etc, I have given this step considerable thought. As a psychotherapist and person ethics are very important to me.

The free support I offer via my writing, videos, podcasts, advice column, Creative Despite Cancer project and more are all done in the hope, that I may help others on their path towards healing, finding meaning, happiness and peace.

Be reassured:

  • The transactions (including cards) are handled by PayPal and I have no access to any of your personal financial details.
  • All donations are gratefully received and you can choose whatever amount works for you.
  • Contributions are used to cover my costs for related hard and software.

Please note that donations do not constitute any agreement, contract or commitment on my part to offer individual, preferential treatment, favours or services of any kind.

Thank you.

You can make a voluntary donation here. Thank you!


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