Top 10 articles on in 2018

Top 10 articles in 2018 on

In 2018 the audience figures for my website have seen a steep increase. I have come second among the Top 10 UK Psychotherapy Blogs. Public voting for the UK Blog Awards is now closed. Thank you if you voted for me in the mental health category. Results are due in early 2019.

I am glad that my writing is of interest and makes a difference. Thank you.

Here are the top 10 most read articles by you on my website according to Google Analytics.

Angry with your therapist? Why that might be a useful.

The moment that taught me not to fear depression.

When my friend died, she gave me a gift that changed my life.

When friendships end in doubt and mistrust.

7 key steps towards living in peace.

Why giving false hope is worse than no hope.

Cancer anger explained.

Regrets can make you or break you. How to make peace with regrets.

When childhood memories still hurt today.

How to turn feeling hopeless into hope.

And here are the top 3 most watched videos on my YouTube channel.

Chemo brain explained – in plain English

How to love yourself and put yourself first

When your family disappoints you

Finally, here is some of the kind feedback received from you.

Testimonials and feedback by you

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