16th January 2019
Karin Sieger

Thank you for your support.

Thank you for your kind support of my work.

PayPal has redirected you to this page, as you have made a voluntary donation in support of my free educational work, which is currently in the form of articles and videos.

As you may have read before, these activities are my way of giving back to our society and in the hope that I may help others on their paths towards healing, meaning, happiness and peace.

While this site also advertises the paid work I do as a therapist, my articles and videos are by no means intended (or needed) to advertise my paid services or grow my client base. Indeed, I have reduced my private practice in order to focus more on this work.

While this is my free choice, I have also recognised that I need to walk the walk and talk the talk where self care and self worth is concerned. Hence my decision to add a ‘donation button’ to my site.

All donations are gratefully received and used to cover my costs for related hard and software.

Please note that donations do not constitute any agreement, contract or commitment on my part to offer individual preferential treatment, favours or services of any kind.

With gratitude.

Karin Sieger

8th April 2018

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