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Support by Email (c)

In response to the COVID19 crisis 

? all my consultations take place online,

? I offer corona crisis wellbeing support via Zoom video call or email,

? I have introduced a free 20 minutes initial consultation 

? and a sliding scale of fees.

During the coronavirus crisis I offer support by email on a one off or more frequent basis as agreed with you.

This is to support those who cannot do online meetings from home or from wherever they may find themselves during these times. Our dwellings may be crowded, busy, noisy, stressful, not allowing for the privacy we need for confidential online meetings.


✅ My support will focus on your needs.

My email support provides you with access to a supportive, ethical, safe and respectful setting, which is essential during these times of uncertainty.

The emails you receive will be 1,000-1,200 words in length and focus on the needs you have expressed. This can include

  • guidance, reassurance and motivation to develop practical mental health coping strategies, that work for you whatever your circumstances, whether you are working from home, are in self isolation, have the virus or want to prepare for any of these scenarios,
  • help with identifying and dealing with unhelpful thought patterns and emotions,
  • assistance with staying grounded and calm when facing the COVID-19 challenges,
  • lifting your mood and grow reassurance and confidence.


How does my email support work?

This is a confidential service, with you either booking a free 20 minute online consultation or sending me a brief description (no more than 1,000 words) of what is happening and what you need.

You can contact me by email via and put “Corona crisis email support” in the subject heading of your email.

Do not submit any sensitive information like medical, financial, or other private records relating to your or any other person.

I aim to get back to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays). If you do not hear from me, then please check your spam folder.

Please note: My responses are not a substitute for medical advice, regular counselling or therapy.


✅ What does this cost?

During the corona crisis I have introduced a sliding scale of fees:

A single email consultation : between £35-55

2 emails a week : between £60-90

Payments are via PayPal only.


✅ Topics for which I do not offer email support. 

My email support is for adults (18+) and excludes assistance with addiction, self harm, suicidal thoughts, severe mental health difficulties or providing a mental health diagnosis. This is because in those cases specialist support will be of greater benefit.

If your own or the life of another is at risk, if you feel suicidal, self-harm or have severe mental health difficulties, then please seek medical or crisis support via your medical practitioner, the Samaritans (in the UK and ROI) or any other relevant authority or agency. In such circumstances I cannot provide advice via email.


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About me

I am a London based psychotherapist, writer and podcaster, fully qualified, registered and accredited with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). You can find out more about me here




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