16th January 2019
Karin Sieger

One off consultations

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“I don’t need therapy. I need someone to talk to.”

One off consultations in person or online can assist you with a range of situations, when you may not need or are unable to commit to short or longer term support.

1. Such sessions can be an opportunity to

  • sense-check decisions you have to take;
  • get some motivation or comfort ahead of an important or difficult meeting;
  • identify other tools and strategies to support you through a particular phase or time in your life;
  • get something off your chest.

While I will not solve your problems, the aim is to help equip you to identify a suitable way for you to resolving your difficulties.

2. I specialise in one off support for the following areas:

Bereavement and Grief

A consultation can assist ahead of attending funerals, grief anniversaries, memorial services, or if you wish you have your own special moment of grief support.

Life-changing illness

Whether you are the one with the diagnosis, a relative or friend, a session with someone independent can assist in processing difficult news or decisions, or help you in exploring plans and support, that may be needed to cope with the situation as best as possible.

Creative blocks

These can happen to us all at any time. A consultation can assist you in identifying the nature and cause of the block, and explore useful changes to help you reconnect with your creativity.

To get something off your chest

Sometimes we are burdened by things we did or did not do. Talking about it can be a release and may help you to move on.

Anything else?

If there is anything that you would consider seeking a one off consultation for, then feel free to contact me in confidence.

3. Areas unsuitable for one off support

Clearly, this service does not work for every problem. It is not a quick fix for issues which require and deserve more time. Neither are these sessions a substitute for medical advice.

Please note that I do not offer one off consultations for support with addictions, self harm, feeling suicidal, or serious and long-term mental health issues. In any of such cases please consult a medical professional or crisis support like the Samaritans in the UK and ROI.


The fee for one off consultations, in person or online is £195 (2 hours) and payable online ahead of the session.

Depending on your requirements we may choose to schedule an additional catch up session (£75 for 1 hour).

To book a session

Email me in confidence, putting “one off session” in the subject heading, and outline very briefly for which area you would like support. I tend to offer these sessions on Fridays early afternoon (UK time). Please use the contact form here.

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