21st April 2018

Motivational articles by Karin

Motivational Articles (c) KarinSieger.com
Motivational Articles (c) KarinSieger.com

On my website you will find free access to motivational articles (and videos) about our human feelings, making sense of them and living well with them.  My writing is regularly republished on other sites like HuffPost, Positively Positive, The Mighty, Thrive Global and others.

My writing is not theoretical, but based on personal reflections.

I do not teach and I do not preach. I write from the heart and try to be jargon-free.

Have a look for yourself.

There are five broad categories of motivational articles on my site:

Motivational articles to help you work things out

Self help suggestions for everyday and not so everyday difficulties and feelings (eg relationships, anxiety, anger and much more). Browse here

Motivational articles to help with change and feeling inspired

Changing – we want it and we can do it. But it might be difficult and frightening. Some suggestions and ideas to help you through it all (eg crisis of purpose, getting older, career change and much more). Browse here

Motivational articles to help you cope with endings

Living with endings is  an important part of living. How we deal with change in our health, when relationships end, people die, our own mortality, loss, grief and bereavement. Some help for you to prepare, cope and manage. Browse here

Motivational articles to help you understand and cope with cancer feelings

Cancer affects our feelings and impacts our emotional and mental wellbeing, whether we are the one with the illness, family or friend. Some help with what to expect and how to cope. Browse here.

Motivational articles about being in therapy

Therapy and counselling are not a sign of weakness or failure. They take courage. Articles to help you through it and some of my own experiences as a client. Browse here

I hope that you may find some of what you read here of help in your search for meaning or along the way of your own journey of reflection, growth and self development.

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Please note, that opinions and suggestions expressed in my articles and videos here are no substitute for professional counselling, psychotherapy or medical assistance. Neither may they solve all your difficulties or challenges.

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