In business despite cancer? Self-employed and affected by cancer? List your business here.

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In business despite cancer? If you are self-employed and affected by cancer, then let me help raise awareness of what you do.

Whatever your cancer, prognosis, whether you are going through treatment, are in remission or living with cancer – being self-employed, earning a living and staying afloat despite cancer can be hard and sometimes impossible.

I know, because I was self-employed before my first diagnosis and continued running my own business during remission, my second diagnosis and since then.

1. The business support I can offer you

If you are affected by cancer, run your own business, however big or small, offer a service or sell products, wherever you are, then I offer to help increase your exposure online by

✅ building you a page on my website and show-casing your business,

✅ sharing your business with my social network,

✅ helping you drive website traffic, customer awareness and engagement,

✅Depending on the up-take of this offer I am also considering monthly online networking meetings. Watch this space.

2. Interested in featuring ‘in business despite cancer’? 

If you would like to be listed, then drop me a line at KarinSieger (at) and state “In business despite cancer” in the subject heading. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Email me

Using the headings below, provide me with the following information:

✳️ Business name and website address / url,

✳️ Social media addresses,

✳️ Business description (what you offer, who the product/service is for, pricing etc),

✳️ Where you are based (country / town),

✳️ Any other relevant links (urls) you would to show.

✳️ A bit about you and why being ‘ in business despite cancer’ matters to you.

✳️ At least one image (1200 x 600 pixels) relevant to your business, you can also add one of yourself.

I will then build a page for you and publish it after you have given your sign off.

Check out example pages from my project “Creative Despite Cancer” here.

3. What will this cost you?

In return I request a one off £15 contribution towards the free cancer support services I offer (see below).

You can make your contribution using the secure PayPal link below at any time, but no later than after the sign off of your page and before I publish it.

Depending on the interest I receive in this project, I am considering designing a bespoke directory site and offer to list you there for free. Watch this space.

Make your one off contribution via PayPal here

In Business Despite Cancer,



I look forward to hearing from you!



About me

I am a London-based psychotherapist, writer and podcaster and have been diagnosed with breast cancer twice. I offer support locally and online globally. My website is the runner up among the Top 10 UK Psychotherapy Websites and I am also the cancer counsellor with the cancer community forum of You can find out more here.

Feature image via Pixabay

NB. I reserve the right not to feature any businesses that may not be in line with the ethos of this website.

Thanks to all my readers, my website is among the Top 10 UK Psychotherapy Blog


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