Want to stop? Download my mp3 🎧 for help with giving up and making lifestyle changes.

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Do you want to stop or give up something and make lifestyle changes? Then here is some help.

Whether it is an addictive behaviour or something that got out of hand or heading this way. Cravings come in many shapes and sizes – whether smoking, eating, gaming, gambling, drugs, relationships and more.

They all fulfil a need, can get out of hand, be of concern and damage us and others.

You might be the one with the addictive behaviour or know someone who this might apply to.

You might have tried stopping and failed. You might be trying again or wondering how to get started.

If an addictive behaviour causes stress, so can stopping it.

In this 20 minute audio recording you will learn about

✅ the nature of addictive behaviours,

✅ the needs they may fulfil,

✅ why it can be hard to stop,

✅ how to prepare to manage and stop an addictive behaviour,

✅ get encouragement and motivation that you, too, can make positive changes in your life,

✅ how to decide on a path to stop an addictive behaviour that works well for you.


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Please note, this recording is not a substitute for medical advice, medical treatment, counselling or therapy. 

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