18th July 2019

How to set up and grow your private therapy practice – The Video

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How to set up your private therapy practice - Workshop (c) KarinSieger.com

Set up and grow your private therapy practice

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I am in the process of putting together a video and support booklet, which I am hoping will be ready by end July – mid August 2019. 

Drop me a line HERE, if you’d like me to let you know when it has been released.

Want to set up and grow a therapy business in a way that works for you? Whether you are a seasoned therapist or just starting out, going it alone and setting up your own therapy practice can be daunting at the best of times. Find out what you need.

1. Who is this video for?

Suitable for qualified or soon to be qualified counsellors, psychotherapists or other therapists in the wellbeing sector, who are thinking of setting up in private practice.

2. What will I cover?

There is a lot to consider, dos and don’t , pros and cons, things that may work well for others but not you. This workshop will look at key emotional and practical aspects of how to set up a private therapy practice including:

You: What are you ready for? Your unique selling point, client group, therapy topics, short/medium/long-term therapy.

Advertising: Branding, marketing, word of mouth, referral streams, networking.

Online presence: Website design, blogging, social networks (incl ethics), SEO.

Finances: Fees and method of payment (card, cash, online), insurance, employment protection, pension, tax, additional employment for you?

Location: Local or not, at home, renting or sharing a room, room design.

Data Handling and Data Protection: Storage of client data and GDPR.

Client contracts / agreements: Your Terms and Conditions, notice period, holidays, ending of therapy, changing slots etc.

Bi- or multi-lingual counselling: Practical and emotional considerations.

Resources: A List of organisations that offer listings, networking, CPD, room rentals

Your wellbeing: Self care, therapy, supervision, CPD, networking.

Keeping safe: In the room and building, online, on the phone; Dealing with enquiries, first session, boundaries.

3. Key Learning for you

You will gain a solid overview of all important issues to consider when setting up and growing your private therapy practice.  You will have a better sense of what you are comfortable with or not, and how to progress.

4. Benefits of a video

Having a video enables you to catch up with topics at your own pace and return to them whenever you want to.

5. About me

I am an integrative BACP registered and accredited psychotherapist, writer, podcaster and trainer with a private practice in Richmond. Prior to my therapy training I spent some 25 years in consumer research and marketing. Find out more here.


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