20th October 2019

How to set up and grow your private therapy practice – The Video

Everything you need to know

How to set up your private therapy practice - Video (c) KarinSieger.com

How to set up and grow your private therapy practice

11 key points to consider

The Video

Want to set up and grow a therapy business in a way that works for you?

Whether you are a seasoned therapist or just starting out, going it alone and setting up your own therapy practice can be daunting at the best of times.

In my video I cover 11 key areas you need to know about.

Below you find the trailer, full content outline and more information

as well as download link.

Watch the trailer.

You also get free support documentation comprising all summary slides, example client agreement, privacy and cookie policies for your website.

Get the video via Vimeo HERE

1. Who is this video for?

Suitable for qualified or soon to be qualified counsellors, psychotherapists or other therapists in the wellbeing sector, who are thinking of setting up in private practice.

2. What gets covered?

Section 1 – You 

You – are you ready?

Generalist or Specialist?


Section 2 – Seeing Clients 

When and Where?

Location – General considerations

Working from home

Renting by the hour

Renting your consulting room outright

Renting in a multi-purpose building

Bumping into a client unexpectedly


Section 3 – The Room 

Room design

Adjustments to a room you rent

Air conditioning and heating


Section 4 – Money 

Making a living

Setting a fee

Protect yourself financially: Taking out insurances

Payment methods


Section 5 – Business Essentials 

Client Agreement / Contract

Email / Phone / Voicemail / Social Media

Your own website


Section 6 – Working with Clients 

Face-to-face, online, telephone, email

Online Systems & Safety


Section 7 – Advertising, Branding 


Branding / Your business name


Section 8 – Keeping Yourself Safe 


On the phone, In the room


Section 9 – Bi / Multi-Lingual Client Work 

An opportunity for you?

What to consider.


Section 10 – Data Protection & GDPR 

Your obligation

Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy


Section 11 – Self Care 

Last but by no means least

Saying ‘No’

Supervisor, Peers, CPD

Tuning on and out of our client work

When your client work makes you hungry

Recreational or other drugs

Facing difficult times

Your own therapy


3. Handouts

Along with this 2 hour video you will get a free downloads of all 11 section summary slides, an example copy of a client agreement, an example privacy policy and cookie policy for your website.

4. Discount

On the Summary Slides of  Section 7 on Advertising & Branding you will find a discount code to get 1 month off your first subscription for one of the major online counselling directories. As of September 219 this is a saving of £19.50.

5. Key Learnings for you

You will gain a solid overview of all important issues to consider when setting up and growing your private therapy practice.  You will have a better sense of what you are comfortable with or not, and how to progress. With the knowledge gained it will be easier to avoid pitfalls and to  make going into private practice more smooth and enjoyable.

6. Benefits of learning by video

Learning by video enables you to listen, consider, process and explore each topic at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home or any location of your choosing and return to the content whenever you want to.

7. About me

I am an integrative BACP registered and accredited psychotherapist, writer, podcaster and trainer with a private practice in Richmond. Prior to my therapy training I spent some 25 years in consumer research and marketing. Find out more here.

Get the video via Vimeo HERE

I hope you will enjoy this video.

Questions, comments and feedback is always welcome.

You can contact me by email KarinSieger (at) KarinSieger.com

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