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"He heard my voice"

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It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Connie Rosser Riddle.

Connie Rosser Riddle is an author, certified Life Coach, and retired school nurse. In 2000, when she was forty-five, Connie was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. At that time, she was working as a research nurse in pharmaceutical clinical trials, in what she describes as a ‘toxic’ environment and a challenging place to be while undergoing cancer treatment.

Connie grew up on a farm in the American South where she developed a love for stories. Whether it was the gossip of girls when they were ‘barning’ tobacco, or the adventures of her male cousins while serving in the military, these accounts fueled her imagination. Creativity took the form of writing plays when she was twelve and poems when she was a teen.

A constant over the years, since her Grandma Smith gave her a diary for her ninth birthday, was writing down her thoughts and feelings in response to everyday life.

“In that little red book with the lock, I was free to say whatever I wanted. I learned that writing things down helped me to develop clarity and to see how my life was progressing.”

At no time was that more important than when she went through cancer treatment while struggling in her job.

Connie had been in a fiction writing group, working on a novel when she was blindsided by her cancer diagnosis.  Her life became more like fiction than the novel she was working on, so she began to write essays about her experience as a means of coping.

Later, when she took a ‘serendipitous’ journey to Sedona, Arizona and was greatly impacted by the spiritual renewal of that trip, Connie started taking yearly solo journeys and her essays included those adventures.

In time, the essays about cancer and the journeys formed into a memoir:

He Heard My Voice: A Midlife Mom’s Journey Through Cancer and Stress and Her Unexpected Arrival at Healing and Wholeness.

Here is a portion of the book description:

“This memoir weaves the everyday and the extraordinary together as Connie carries the reader through moments of her daily life as wife, mother, daughter, nurse, cancer survivor, and toxic job survivor. The solo journeys provide exhilarating experiences through the places and people in her path, from a scary hike up a mountain in the San Juan Islands, to the wise counsel of a college coed; from the rediscovery of play on Jekyll Island to the gentle confrontation of a spiritual leader; from riding a bike on a canal towpath in Harper’s Ferry to listening to a woman’s fear of cancer.”

He Heard My Voice is an inspiring, life-changing memoir for readers who appreciate a faith-based story and spiritual travel accounts that illustrate the grace of living an intentional, authentic life.

Purchase your copy of Connie's book

The book is currently available as a paperback and Ebook and is slated to be released as an audiobook Summer 2019.

You can purchase your copy via Amazon here:

Kindle $8.03 here

Paperback $14.99 here

Connect with Connie:

Connie’s Blog – Follow Connie’s Saturday posts that focus on the ‘people and places in her path’ at

Facebook – for backstory and photos from the memoir and other writings.


Pinterest  where she is currently constructing boards with photos and memorabilia from the cancer experience and her solo journeys.

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  1. I’m enjoying reading Connie’s book very much – I’ve been following her blog for a while, so I knew the stories in her book would be good to read.

    I would also like to thank Karin for her generosity in featuring other creatives on her blog.

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