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Dear Karin – Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

This service is only available to readers aged 18+.

For ethical reasons will not knowingly engage in communication or respond to requests from friends or relatives of existing or previous clients of mine. I request for this to be respected and the use of aliases as a work-around to be avoided.

Not every topic is suitable for an advice column. If your own or the life of another is at risk, if you feel suicidal, self-harm or have severe mental health difficulties, then please seek medical or crisis support via your medical practitioner, the Samaritans (in the UK and ROI) or any other relevant authority or agency. In such circumstances I cannot provide advice via this column or my practice.

I only select topics for which I feel suitably qualified, which include bereavement, grief, loss, personal transitions, creative blocks, the emotional impact of life changing illnesses (esp cancer) on those with the diagnosis, family and friends.

I do not offer relationship or family advice.

I aim to ensure an even selection of topics for my responses.

If your submission does not get selected for the column, I will still acknowledge receipt.

Do not submit topics which may be time-sensitive.

I cannot guarantee a timely response.

Keep your submission brief to one paragraph of no more than 500 words, which you are happy to see published on my website. I may edit submissions, without changing their meaning.

Do not submit any sensitive or identifying information.

Indicate how you would like your name to appear (or not).

My responses are not a substitute for medical advice, counselling or therapy.

I cannot engage in any subsequent dialogue regards any submissions received or responses given.

I retain all rights to my published responses, which may not be used in any form elsewhere without my explicit and written consent.

Please check your spam filter for responses, especially if you use Hotmail or Yahoo.