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It is my pleasure to introduce Janet – author of the Fuck Cancer blog – a personal journey with breast cancer.

In June of 2018, Janet was diagnosed with breast cancer — invasive ductal carcinoma (stage 2, initially stage 1).


Janet talks about her cancer experience, her blog and what writing means to her.

It was an absolute shock, coming after a routine mammogram. I was three months away from retirement, ready to begin the next chapter of my life, and expected this mammogram to turn out like all the others — clear.

Now if you told me that I was going get diabetes (which I have) or heart disease (which I’m at risk for), I would have said “oh well, that’s what runs in my family, so it comes with the territory.” But not this. There is no history of cancer or breast cancer in my family.

I had no frame of reference, no experience, no knowledge other than what I’ve read casually in the news.

I made a decision nearly from the beginning that I was going to beat this and it wasn’t going to beat me. I have a lot to live for — my husband, my children, friends, travel, hobbies, good books, great food — and fuck cancer, thus the title of this blog.

But not every day is a “fuck cancer” day.

Some days are sad ones, or ones filled with fear of losing things — my strength, my family, my health, the taste of good food — and I need to remind myself that I am, if nothing else, a fighter. No time for self-pity or a “why me” attitude.

It’s either fuck cancer or fuck Janet and I’m choosing to fuck cancer. It just happened, whether through genetics or the luck of the draw or too many hot dogs.

I have cancer and I have to get through it. Period. No choices.

Part of how I plan to fight this is by writing about my experience.

I hope it helps others who face this disease.

But mostly it’s to help me get through it.

Read Janet’s blog here 

Fuck Cancer – A personal journey with breast cancer


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