“Creative Despite Cancer” Introduces Helena Traill and The Cancer Chapter

Creative Despite Cancer introduces Helena Traill and The Cancer Chapters (c) KarinSieger.com

#CreativeDespiteCancer is my free initiative to help bring the creativity of people who have been affected by cancer to a wider audience. Interested in being featured? Then look here.

As part of my Creative Despite Cancer series, I am very pleased to introduce you to Helena Traill and her project The Cancer Chapter: Your Stories.

Helena’s father has had cancer for 19 years and she says he doesn’t like talking about ‘being ill’.

“So my project is all about open conversation and normalising the cancer discussion!”

Helena is making portraits of people who have had, have or have been affected by cancer using the ‘Cancer On Board’ symbol. In the UK, Canceronboard.org make badges for people with cancer, which aim to make journeys on public transport a little easier (a bit like the “Baby on Board” badges).

These portraits will all be part of a book and will be shown at the Central Saint Martins Degree show in London in June 2019. Central Saint Martins is a world-renowned arts and design college and part of the University of London and where Helena studies Graphic Communication Design. This project goes towards her finals.

If you would like your portrait included (named or anonymously), then please email Helena by 1st May 2019 a photograph of yourself against a white background to thecancerchapter@gmail.com

More information can be found on

The Cancer Chapter: Your Stories | Instagram | Twitter

I have had my portrait done and it’s really quick.



Unique. Thanks Helena and good luck with the project and your degree!

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