Featuring Bruce Gilligan: Author & Illustrator

Drifting by Bruce Gilligan
Drifting by Bruce Gilligan

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It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Bruce Gilligan.

An author, cartoonist and illustrator Bruce has personal and professional experience of cancer. In 1986, aged 25, he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After changing career and training to be a nurse, he subsequently went on to specialise as an Oncology nurse, working at the Royal Marsden Hospitals.

For the last twenty-four years Bruce has continued to specialise in cancer, including running his own consultancy company. Drawing has always been his ‘go to’ strategy in times of emotional strain. Recently, following the emergence of severe long-term toxicities from his cancer treatment, Bruce was forced to give up work and has since taken up a new challenge. He now dedicates all his energies into pursuing his passion for illustrating and writing.

“Drawing has always provided me with a very welcome distraction during difficult times in my life and much to my relief, it continues to do so.” 

Here are 3 publications by Bruce that might interest you, or someone you know.

Communicating with people newly diagnosed with cancer
Communication in Cancer by Bruce Gilligan
Communication in Cancer by Bruce Gilligan

This is a 25 page interactive e-booklet with illustrations, which offers clear and practical advice about effective communication with someone affected by cancer. While primarily aimed at non-specialist healthcare professionals (HCPs), this booklet is of great benefit to anyone not sure about how to talk to someone with cancer. His booklet includes an accompanying slide deck and speaker notes to facilitate discussion or training.

Available for download from iTunes or Amazon for £2.49 inc VAT

30% of sales profits go to cancer charities.

Explaining Neutropaenia to Children
Understanding Neutropaenia by Bruce Gilligan
Understanding Neutropaenia by Bruce Gilligan

This is a booklet designed to help children and their parents understand the management of chemotherapy-induced neutropaenia, a blood condition characterized by low levels of neutrophils – white blood cells needed to protect our bodies from infections.

Full of colourful illustrations this booklet is intended to help parents and health care professionals explain to children with cancer, the causes and importance of careful management of this common serious side-effect.

To engage children, the booklet also offers access to a black and white version for colouring-in and a colouring competition, which may provide a welcome distraction during what is a particularly challenging time for children and their families.

Download from iTunes or Amazon for £2.49 inc VAT

30% of sales profits go to UK children’s cancer charities.

Drifting - An adventure book for children
Drifting by Bruce Gilligan
Drifting by Bruce Gilligan

This is Bruce’s first illustrated adventure book for children published by Austin Macauley. It is inspired by his experiences of being flooded during the 2014 River Thames floods. With full colour illustrations, this story will inspire and educate children to recognise the true value of friendship and self-belief. The book explores the importance of trust and never losing hope, no matter how bad things get.

‘Drifting’ is available from:
Austin Macauley | Waterstones | Barnes&NobleAmazon

In March 2019 you can expect to see the launch of Bruce’s second children’s book ‘Seeing.’ Watch the trailer on Youtube here




You can find out more about Bruce and his work by following him on Twitter @DrawOnAnxiety or via his web-site www.mybracken.com





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