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#CreativeDespiteCancer Community - showcase your creativity

Creative Despite Cancer (c)

Creative despite cancer? Then I offer to showcase what you do on my website and share it via my social media networks.

Whatever you do – art, writing, paintings, films, photos, crafts, music and more. Whatever your cancer experience and wherever you are at with it. Share your creativity with a wider audience.

1. Why Creative Despite Cancer? 

As someone living and working with cancer I know:

  • The limitations placed on us and the challenge of getting acknowledgement for our abilities. Especially if we are without a wide network, sponsors, media exposure etc.
  • The difficulty of needing and wanting to make a living while we can. Because living with a life-changing illness (whether your treatment is free, subsidised, or not) costs money and can seriously limit our earning capacity.
  • Creativity is part of our identity, self expression and an important way of enhancing our wellbeing.

2. Who is this for?

I offer this opportunity to people affected by cancer – any cancer, whether you are going through treatment, are in remission, living with cancer, have “no evidence of disease”, whatever your diagnosis or prognosis and wherever you are. Friends and family are also welcome.

3. How does Creative Despite Cancer work?

I offer to build a page for you on my website, showcasing your creativity. You provide the image/s and text you would like me to use. Feel free to include you social media addresses, any links to websites where you may sell, list, show etc your creative output. I will also publicise your creative despite cancer page via social media.

4. What could your page look like?

Take a look at the pages I have created for other creatives here.

5. Interested in joining Creative Despite Cancer? What next?

Drop me a line at KarinSieger (at) with the information above. Please put “Creative Despite Cancer” in the subject heading. You will have final sign off on the page before I formally publish and start sharing it.

6. What will this cost you?

In return I request a one off contribution of £10 towards the free cancer support services I offer (see below).

You can make your contribution using the secure PayPal link below at any time, but no later than after you have signed off on the page and before I publish it. Thank you!

Make your one off contribution via PayPal here

Creative Despite Cancer,


I look forward to hearing from you!



About me

I am a London-based psychotherapist, writer and podcaster and have been diagnosed with breast cancer twice. I offer support locally and online globally. My website is the runner up among the Top 10 UK Psychotherapy Websites and I am also the cancer counsellor with the cancer community forum of You can find out more here.

Feature image via Pixabay

NB. I reserve the right not to feature anything that may not be line with the ethos of this website.

Thanks to you, my website is among the Top 10 UK Psychotherapy Blogs


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