Coping with difficult times

Reflections on the COVID-19 crisis

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Difficult times happen to us all. I have had mine and you will have had yours. Yet, whatever we have gone through before, when new difficult times happen it can feel like starting all over again.

✅ How to cope with difficult times?

You might have experienced war, civil unrest, illness, natural disasters, accidents, personal grief, unemployment, poverty, injustice, crime and so much more.

You may have shared your difficult times with others or had to endure them on your own.

COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic which started in 2020 has quickly become a global phenomenon, bringing with it difficult times for a global population.

How to cope with coronavirus anxiety

How to cope with coronavirus bereavement and grief

Coronavirus fear and uncertainty is something you and I will share. All our lives will be impacted in more ways than one. And as the story which will fill history books is still unfolding, there may be difficult times ahead of a magnitude which will change our lives and the world the way we know it, or not. Who knows. Uncertainty is never easy.

✅ There is only one way of coping with difficult times.

Developing a mindset that

  • helps us keep grounded when we are at risk of spinning out of control;
  • has strategies for coping with anxiety, depression, hopelessness and resignation;
  • assures us, we can do this;
  • reminds us of all the other difficult times we have already managed and how we did it then.

It is a mindset that helps us carry our identity and entitlements as an individual without compromising our responsibilities towards the wider community during such difficult times.

We all will have to make sacrifices, endure pain and make experiences which may affect our future life and wellbeing.

But this coronavirus time is a time when we have to keep together, watch out for each other, play our role in our own small yet potentially significant ways, by keeping informed about developments, knowing what is expected of us, and following guidelines.

On the day of writing this piece (16th March 2020) the World Health Organisation has released these latest COVID-19 numbers. The landscape is changing rapidly.

New and more drastic measures to control the outbreak and ultimately save lives are being introduced across the globe on a daily, sometimes hourly basis.

There is a risk, especially with wall to wall coverage in our media, that we will suffer stress and anxiety overload – mentally and physically.

Mental self care measures are essential, as is following all the recommended personal hygiene measures.

If you are concerned about the impact of the coronavirus experience on your emotional and mental health, then you might like to know about the specific support I offer:

✅ Suggestions for self care at home during periods of self isolation

Your mental outlook on life will be very important to help manage anxiety, depression and stress.

  • Ensure that you create a realistic and helpful daily routine and structure to your day, and stick to it.
  • Have regular times for getting up and going to bed as well as meal times.
  • Change your clothes regularly and do not wear your bedclothes throughout the day.
  • Personal hygiene and keeping your living space clean and uncluttered will be essential.
  • Eat healthily and in line with the limited exercise you may have.
  • Build regular exercise into your day.
  • Learn and follow techniques that helps you stay calm in body and mind, breathing techniques, mindfulness, chanting, yoga, singing. creativity, reading etc
  • Have fresh air if you can open windows or have a safe outdoor space.
  • Do not spend excessive time online (eg gaming).
  • Do keep in touch with others and keep connected.
  • Keep a journal.
  • Set yourself tasks and goals.
  • Look at the time you have as an opportunity to learn a new skill.

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