20th August 2018
Cancer infertility and middle age (c) KarinSieger.com
Cancer Feelings

Cancer infertility and middle age

19th February 2018 Karin Sieger

Cancer infertility can happen as a side effect of cancer treatment, regardless of your gender. What if cancer infertility happens at a time in our lives, when due to age, we may have already decided not to have any [READ MORE]

Cancer: Family & Friends (c) KarinSieger.com
Cancer Feelings

Cancer: Family and Friends

14th February 2018 Karin Sieger

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, family and friends are also impacted and may require help to cope. When someone close to you has been diagnosed with cancer, this will affect you. You, too, may undergo a life-changing experience [READ MORE]

10 cancer lessons to help you cope (c) KarinSieger.com
Cancer Feelings

10 cancer lessons to help you cope

14th January 2018 Karin Sieger

Having been treated for breast cancer in 2012/13 and working in the field as a therapist, here are 10 cancer lessons (in no particular order) that may help you cope with the emotional impact of cancer. But before that, [READ MORE]

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