18th September 2019

Cancer Voices: Informative and uplifting messages from the cancer community

Karin's 'Cancer and You' podcast features your Cancer Voices

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For my podcast “Cancer and You” I invite participation from the cancer community. These ‘Cancer Voices’ inform, support and encourage.

I hope you will find something of interest and help for you.

If you would, like to add your own voice, then do get in touch. Let me know what you would like to talk about and we can take it from there. Drop me a line HERE.

Find out about our contributors, their own expertise and support they offer towards the end of this page.

1. Cancer Lessons

Bruce, Sara and Rod share their own cancer lessons: What has being diagnosed with cancer, and having treatment taught us – about ourselves, the illness, life beyond cancer, the anxiety about cancer coming back and more.

Listen to the episode, download it, keep it, share it.

2. Advice for the newly diagnosed.

Rod, Sara, Bruce and Diane share their advice for the newly diagnosed. What to expect, how to stay strong mentally and emotionally, how to engage with your medical team and more.

Listen to the episode, download it, keep it, share it.

Contributors to Cancer Voices 

Sara Liyanage was diagnosed with HER2 positive and oestrogen positive primary breast cancer on 19 October 2016, aged 42. She runs the popular website TickingOffBreastCancer.com and has written book by the same name.

Rod Ritchie is an Australian print and web publisher and advocates for men with breast cancer. He was diagnosed with Stage 3B breast cancer in 2014 and prostate cancer in 2016. He is in remission for both. Rod und MaleBC.org, a compilation of the latest diagnosis, treatment and research on breast cancer in men.

Bruce Gilligan is an author, cartoonist and illustrator with personal and professional experience of cancer. In 1986, aged 25, he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After changing career and training to be a nurse, he subsequently went on to specialise as an Oncology nurse, working at the Royal Marsden Hospitals. Bruce also features in my series Creative Despite Cancer which introduces his writing. You can find out more about Bruce on his website mybracken.com

Diane Leopard is a complimentary therapist and artist who underwent treatment for breast cancer in 2013.  She is a features in the BreastCancerArtsProjects. Her website Hands4Wellbeing.co.uk tells you ore about the support she offers.  for WellbeingShe features

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