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Free help with the emotional and mental impact of cancer

Ask your cancer questions HERE (c)

Whether you are going through or have finished treatment, live with cancer, are family, a friend, a colleague or a health care professional working in the field – cancer will affect you emotionally and mentally. And this is not because you are doing anything wrong.

Having been diagnosed twice with breast cancer, living with the illness and offering therapeutic support to others affected by cancer, I am passionate about understanding and coping well with emotional and mental impact.

I am available to answer your questions about coping with the emotional impact of cancer – on you, your relationships, how you cope with the illness and treatment, life with or beyond cancer.

You can contact me for  free with your cancer questions via the cancer community forum of Live Better With Cancer where I am the Cancer Counsellor Expert.

You can sign up in confidence and it is very easily done as I explain below:




If you have any cancer questions you would like to ask, then you are welcome to sign up to the forum HERE and then post your questions with 2 simple steps:

1. Select the “Ask the expert” category


2. Then select my entry and submit your question


I look forward to being able to assist you with your cancer questions.

About Live Better With

Live Better With Cancer is here to make everyday living a little bit better for the millions of people living with cancer all over the world.

Together with patients, their families, nurses, doctors and experts, we have handpicked 1000’s products and written over 250 practical articles, guides and even a podcast to help ease symptoms and side effects, and improve the quality of day-to-day life.

We’ve also built a thriving online community of over 70,000 people talking about cancer and supporting each other. Talking to and hearing from our community is helping us build Live Better With into the most useful practical destination for people living with cancer – all of our products and information are guided by community recommendations.

Live Better With also support people affected by the menopause, dementia and other conditions.

If you are affected by cancer

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