20th September 2019

Online Workshop: Understanding & supporting the emotional impact of chronic illnesses and cancer

For therapist, counsellors, health care practitioners

This workshop is for all therapists, counsellors, health care practitioners

and not just those who want to specialise in chronic illness or cancer.

If you would like to be informed of the next workshop date,

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1. Why should you consider attending this workshop?

Cancer and chronic illness affect our mental health.

Supporting people with life-changing and life-shortening illnesses is rarely part of a general counselling, therapy, health care training curriculum. Yet the such illnesses are on the increase – rapidly:

  • According to Cancer Research UK the incidence of cancer alone is increasing, with the likelihood of any one of us being diagnosed in our lifetime standing at 1 in 2.
  • ME Research UK reports that 17 million people in the world have ME.

These are just some chronic and life-changing illnesses. And there are many more like IBS, stroke … you name it.

2. What does that mean for you?

The likelihood of any of us developing a chronic illness has increased and the likelihood of meeting a client or patient who is affected by a chronic illness is also high.

The emotional impact of such an illness on people affected by it (incl relatives and friends) is wide-ranging, specific and complex.

Offering meaningful support requires awareness of the practical and emotional needs, which come with life-changing illnesses.

As the diagnosis, treatment and life with chronic illnesses can be traumatic, so can be working with this client group. Practitioner self-care is particularly important.

3. What will you learn from this workshop?

This workshop is designed to provide you with information and a safe space to explore working with clients affected by such illnesses.

We will look specifically at

  • The emotional impact of chronic illnesses and cancer through different phases (diagnosis, treatment, remission, return, advanced, terminal)
  • The emotional impact on those close to people diagnosed with chronic illness (family, friends)
  • Important in-sensitive vocabulary
  • Appropriate therapeutic / counselling support (what to expect, suitability of interventions, practical considerations)
  • Self care for practitioners

You are also welcome to email me in confidence specific questions you would like me to cover.

4. Practical points

Fee: £55 payable via PayPal. I will issue you with a receipt and attendance certificate.

Location: Online via Zoom. I will provide you with a secure link. It is simple and requires you to download the App. You need to have a webcam or build-in camera on your device. Read more information about using Zoom here.

5. About Karin

I am an integrative BACP registered and accredited psychotherapist and writer with a private practice in Richmond. I specialise in supporting people with life changing and life shortening illnesses like cancer, and I currently live with breast cancer. Find out more here.

6. Any Questions

Feel free to drop me a line using the contact form here.

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