25th April 2019
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Radio Show – Cancer and You

Cancer and You (c) KarinSieger.com

Join me on Cancer and You – one of two weekly 20 minute radio shows on Peace Within Radio, a new global radio station which launched in April 2019.

I am a therapist and writer and have been diagnosed with breast cancer twice. All recordings are done from my orange houseboat in the River Thames, London, UK.

What is Cancer and You all about and how can you listen?

Cancer and You is for everybody affected by cancer, whether you have the illness, are a relative, friend, colleague or health care professional. I will talk about how cancer affects us emotionally and mentally. How to prepare and how to cope. I will also share, where appropriate, some of my own cancer experiences.

Topics will include cancer and relationships, anger, returning to work, facing tests / scans, coping with (repeat) diagnosis, talking about cancer, self care, how cancer affects you even if you are not the one with the illness, uncertainty, anxiety, mood changes, identity, mortality, death, loneliness and so much more.


17/04/2019: Lunch show introducing Cancer and You*

24/04/2019: Cancer and Relationships

01/05/2019: Cancer and Anger

08/05/2019: Should you talk about your cancer?

15/05/2019: A cancer diagnosis is traumatic

More to follow

*You can soon catch up again via YouTube



UK : 0100, 0600, 1000, 1400 and 2000

Repeats throughout the day make it easy to listen in other parts of the world (incl on Tuesdays)

If you want to listen outside of the UK, then use the time converter here.


1. You can listen via the website at Peace Within Radio

Use the play button on the home page.

2. Or download the app for your mobile device



Can you participate?

Yes. The shows are pre-recorded, but I am happy to cover questions you want to submit via my Dear Karin advice column. Read the submission guidelines and let me know whether you want me to talk about your question (without naming you) on the radio or not.

Listen to my other show – Soul Cravings

Why not also join me on Soul Cravings, my weekly show broadcast on Saturdays and repeated on Sundays. More information here.

About the Peace Within Radio

Peace Within Radio is an entirely new kind of station. Born out of a desire to support people when life gets tough, the station brings together inspirational music, encouraging podcasts, talks, interviews and positive news from around the world, to remind us we are never alone.

At present, the station is run entirely by volunteers, including those offering their voices in terms of show hosts as mental health advocates, teachers and speakers, through to voice talents and creative consultants who work behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly.

Thanks to you, my website is among the Top 10 UK Psychotherapy Blogs


JOIN ME for my weekly radio shows, “Soul Cravings” and “Cancer and You” – available globally

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