27th May 2019

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Join my book club and feature your book on my website and via my social media network. 

1. Here is the deal.

  • I offer to build a page on my website for you, with text and image/s supplied by you.
  • You can say a bit about yourself, the book, what your audience would get from reading it etc.
  • Include your social media contact details and a link to where the book can be purchased.
  • Your page url would include your name.
  • The page would be part of the “Book Club” category on my website and promoted along with others across my home page and sidebar.
  • At the end of the agreed advertising period I will share relevant Google Analytics data to show your page performance.

2. What will it look like?

See examples here

3. Fees

Payments are via PayPal and you receive an invoice clearly stating the terms of our agreement.

– If you are the author and have been affected by cancer:

Free (a £12.50 one off donation towards my time would be welcome)

Also see my project CreativeDespite Cancer

– If you are the author:

One off set up fee: £12.50, 1 calendar monthly hosting: £25.00

– If you are a publisher contacting me on behalf of your client:

One off set up fee: £12.50, 1 calendar monthly hosting: £55.00


4. What books will I accept?

The book would need to fit in with the ethos of my website – educate, inspire, motivate, be personal or not, promote wellbeing and personal growth.

The publication should not be offensive to any audience groups, promote medical products or healing approaches.


5. Interested?

Then get in touch using the form below.

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