19th February 2018

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Articles by Karin Sieger (c) KarinSieger.com
Articles by Karin Sieger (c) KarinSieger.com

My writing is about our human feelings, making sense of them and living well with them.

I want to celebrate our our human vulnerability, resilience and wisdom.

There are four broad categories:

How To 

Understanding Our Feelings

Loss & Death

Emotional Cancer Journey

The articles are not theoretical, but based on personal reflections.

I do not teach and I do not preach. I write from the heart and try to be jargon-free.

I hope that you may find some of what you read here of help in your search for meaning or along the way of your own journey of reflection, growth and self development.

Have a look for yourself.

Why I Write

I started writing first and foremost for myself, as a form of creative self expression:  processing my thoughts and feelings, being witness to my own life journey.

For me, writing is an important part of internal growth and self development.

When I shared some articles with others, their feedback and encouragement gradually convinced me to make my articles available more widely.

Being a therapist my ethics (on- and offline), the safety and confidentiality I offer clients is of utmost importance. Find out more about my beliefs and ethics.

You might also like to find out more about the therapy and workshops I offer.

Please note, that opinions and suggestions expressed here are no substitute for prosessional counselling, psychotherapy or medical assistance. Neither may they solve all your difficulties or challenges.


Living in peace: Why and How.

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