Alone on New Year’s Eve

Some words of support

Alone on New Year's eve (c)

On days like Christmas and New Year’s Eve many will feel alone, even if they are in the midst of others.

You, too, may feel alone for your own reasons. Things may have happened. Or you are weighed down by what lies ahead.

You may have no-one to talk to, or do not want “to spoil” things for others and worry them.

Perhaps you are angry, tired, hopeless, overwhelmed, in physical or emotional pain, grieving for someone or something or yourself.

You, like many others may feel heavy with emptiness.

Perhaps you are thinking of doing something about it, in a way that gets rid of the feeling.

But it may not bet helpful and heal the feeling. Because that’s what is needed – in the long run – healing.

For what it’s worth, days and seasons like today and now, they have a start and an end.

You may feel alone, but you are not alone, today.

That might not be of great comfort or relevance to you.

But you, like many others, you can do something about what is bothering you.

Even if you cannot change what has happened or what may happen in the future.

You can change things constructively for the better. Even if it is “just” changing the way you look at life and yourself.

If you are alone, then do look after yourself well.

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If you need to speak with someone and you are based in the UK or ROI, then you can speak for free with The Samaritans on 116 123. If you are based in another country, then you may have similar free services available.

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