21st April 2018
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24th September 2017 Karin Sieger

I am available for media enquiries and to discuss any other relevant projects, which fit with my areas of interest and expertise. My Writing I am a regular contributor for Huffington Post UK Positively Positive!! The Mighty I also [READ MORE]

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Cancer Counselling with Karin

18th September 2017 Karin Sieger

Cancer counselling – what’s the point? Talking about it doesn’t make cancer go away. To some cancer counselling may look futile. To others it is an essential outlet for difficult emotions, and a place where to make sense of [READ MORE]

Changing low self esteem (c) KarinSieger.com
Working it out

Changing low self esteem

16th September 2017 Karin Sieger

Are you sometimes your own worst enemy, critical of yourself and feeling not good enough? These are signs of low self esteem. How has it come to this and what can you do to change? [READ MORE]

About Relationships and Families

Alienated from relationships and politics

16th September 2017 Karin Sieger

Change is necessary and not always comfortable or welcome. We can feel quite alienated when change is happening simulaneously in relationships, society and politics; when all three no longer offer the trust and safety we crave and expect. What to [READ MORE]

Changing and Inspiring

When we are afraid of change

16th September 2017 Karin Sieger

It is normal to be afraid of change. Problems can feel more predictable and less frightening than change. But change is necessary. We know when change has to happen. But we may be afraid, that we have not got [READ MORE]